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Sol Heilo from the celebrated band Katzenjammer, has brought a bunch of her instruments with her into her new musical world. Her solo material is consisting of hidden gems that she wrote while on tour world wide with her band Katzenjammer. The songs were of a different calibre and didn’t feel natural to bring into the band and when they announced a break, Sol immediately started to create her new world. All her videos are self made on her Iphone and all the artwork and designs that follow her project are her own work. She even paints large pictures and sometimes she brings them with her to a show and signs them after the concert.

Sol was touring Europe with her debut album Skinhorse Playground in 2018. Heilo appears on the Norwegian TV screens these days in a very popular music show called “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” (Every Time We Meet) where she talks about her musical life both in and outside Katzenjammer and interpret the other artist’s songs. On “her day” the 16th of February, the other artists will do their own versions of her solo -and Katzenjammer songs.

Sol Heilo will be touring throughout 2019. Tourdates are constantly updated on this page under the menu LIVE.


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